Honoring World AIDS Day: Stories of Care to Remember

BY AMANDA ANDERSON, RN, BSN, CCRN, and Catherine Schaefer, RN, JD


Lorrain Bell, nurse and Clinical Coordinator at the Mount Sinai Comprehensive Health Program.

Today is World AIDS Day, marked in 1988 as the first day designated to global awareness of a health issue. Although the HIV epidemic has changed greatly since the day’s inaugural year, over 1 million people in the United States remain infected with the virus, and one in eight of these people are unaware of their infection.

It was Catherine’s idea to interview the nurses of the Mount Sinai Comprehensive Health Program (MSCHP), or as the location is more endearingly known, “HIV Downtown.” She used to work as a nurse at Saint Vincent’s Hospital before it closed five years ago, and before Mount Sinai brought MSCHP into the MSHS family. “I just feel like they have tons of stories that need to be heard,” she said to me when we met recently, at a nurse narrative event.  Read more