My Journey into Nursing Informatics

By Helen Jang, MSN(c), BSN, RN

My passion for information technology in nursing has grown over the course of my professional career. I have a diverse and extensive healthcare background including experience in the ICU, BMT, PACU, and ASU. It was during my time in the PACU at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai (NYEE) that my curiosity for nursing informatics began. I developed a proposal for a research study on pediatric emergence delirium. During this time, I volunteered as a member of the nursing informatics shared governance council and worked alongside the nurse informaticist to implement an evidence-based emergence delirium observation tool to automate it as part of our nursing assessment in our EHR.

Serving as a preceptor and member of the nursing informatics council, I am responsible for training patient care staff on how to use Meditech, EHR system at NYEE. Part of my responsibility includes assisting new graduates and per diem RNs feel more comfortable and improve their understanding in navigating Meditech. Currently, I am completing my final semester of the Master of Science program in Nursing Informatics at New York University. As part of my clinical practicum, I am working at James J. Peters VA Medical Center (JJP VAMC) in Bronx, NY. My capstone project is entitled “Streamlining and Automating the Workflow to Upload EKGs to a Homegrown EMR System”. The goal of the capstone is to implement an automated systems solution using an Access database, in which data captured may increase JJP VAMC’s revenue in EKG billing and reimbursements in clinical care. I recently completed a course in the: Selection, Implementation, Management, and Evaluation of Healthcare Information Systems. In this course, I developed a Request For Proposal (RFP) and development plan for the acquisition of Streamline Health’s Looking Glass, clinical analytics tool at JJP VAMC.

After my graduation in May 2015, I plan to obtain a position as a clinical analyst/nurse informaticist that will build and expand on my educational, practicum and work experiences. As a recipient of the 2015 Louis and Rachel Rudin Foundation Inc. Scholarship for Multimedia Technology in nursing, I plan on committing myself to the continual development of nursing informatics as a means to enhancing the clinical experiences of our patients and staff. I am fortunate to have had continual support from family, friends, and co-workers at NYEE throughout this incredible journey.

Helen Jang, MSN(c), BSN, RN is the Pre-Admission Testing registered nurse for the Ambulatory Surgery Unit at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai. She is currently pursuing her Master of Science degree in Nursing Informatics at New York University. She is the recipient of the Louis and Rachel Rudin Foundation, Inc., Scholarship for Multimedia Technology in Nursing from NYU. She serves as the co-chair of the Nursing Informatics Council and has conducted numerous quality improvement projects throughout her five-year experience working at NYEE.

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    Joan shepherd Rn

    June 12, 2015 at 12:36pm

    Can I interview you for my Nursing Informatics course at Chamberlain College of nursing

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