Mount Sinai Beth Israel Respiratory Unit Nurses Raise Awareness for Lung Health

By Clarice Sendino, RN; Erin Famarin, RN; and Aileen Tanafranca, MSN, RN, CCRN, NE-BC

LUNG FORCE is national cause campaign led by the American Lung Association that brings awareness and funding to lung cancer in women. The 5 Linsky team, a Respiratory Unit at Mount Sinai Beth Israel, lends their support to bring awareness to the cause.

Turquoise Takeovers are themed national initiatives to increase lung cancer awareness and raise funds for lung research. 5 Linksy hosted their first Turquoise Takeover at Mount Sinai Beth Israel in December 2014. At the Turquoise Takeover “Part Deux” on April 1, 2015, hospital employees recognized the team’s efforts to raise awareness for LUNG FORCE with their support and donations. “It was great to see old friends and remind them of our great cause,” said Erin Famarin.

On May 16, 2015, 5 Linsky will participate in the first-ever LUNG FORCE Walk at South Street Seaport. The team has raised approximately $1,000 from their Turquoise Takeover events through bake sales and encouraging donations for LUNG FORCE. “We are grateful to those who will not be able to join, but who wholeheartedly offered donations to the American Lung Association,” adds Clare Sendino.

Aileen Tanafranca adds, “This has been a great experience. It’s been very moving and motivating to see that a lot of people in Mount Sinai Beth Israel are willing to impart their blessings for great causes such as Lung Force.”


Clarice Sendino, RN, has been an RN in Mount Sinai Beth Israel for four years in 5 Linsky. She is currently enrolled in a master’s program to pursue her nurse practitioner degree.



Erin Famarin, RN, has been an RN is Mount Sinai Beth Israel for five years in 5 Linsky. She is currently a Skin Savers Champion, Teletracking Supeuser, and Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) Superuser.



Aileen Tanafranca is currently a Nurse Manager at Mount Sinai Beth Israel. She is also practicing as a bedside Critical Care nurse at a separate institution. Aileen has a Master’s in Nursing Administration from New York University, has her CCRN and NE-BC certifications, and is currently enrolled in a doctorate program for 2015.

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